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Integration may refer to:


  • Modular integration, where different parts in a module have a tendency to vary together
  • Retroviral integration, the use of a "pre-integration complex" of genetic material and proteins to insert a viral genome into a host genome
  • DNA integration, by means of site-specific recombinase technology, performed by a specific class of recombinase enzymes ("integrases")

Economics and law[edit]


  • Integrated architecture, in an Enterprise architecture framework approach such as DoDAF
  • Integrated circuit, an electronic circuit whose components are manufactured in one flat piece of semiconductor material
  • Integrated design, an approach to design which brings together specialisms usually considered separately
  • Integrated product team, use of a team including multiple disciplines (e.g. customer, engineer, support, testing)
  • System integration, engineering practices for assembling large and complicated systems from units, particularly subsystems



  • Social integration, in social science, a movement of refugees and underprivileged people into the mainstream of a society
  • Racial integration, including desegregation and other changes in social opportunity and culture
    • Desegregation, ending a separation of races, particularly in the context of the American civil rights movement
  • Educational integration of students with disabilities

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