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I'm glad it is being kept, however it really does need to be expanded. I really shouldn't be kept the case is closed.

Ah, so there are two articles and corresponding talk pages, Cam and Camilla. It needs to be a single article. ;Bear 06:25, 2005 Mar 3 (UTC)

No, there is just one article - this one. Moved it yesterday. -- AlexR 07:41, 3 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I'm glad to see that this stub still exists and I'll be glad to expand it. Cam Lyman's story is interesting, and I'm happy to write more of it here.
--Etoile 02:54, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

What no one seems to have mentioned in the discussion of the Cam Lyman case is its huge importance historically. A very rich man, a public figure among the American elite, was murdered for profit. The only obvious suspect had means, motive, opportunity, no alibi, gave conflicting accounts, and stole a million dollars from the victim's estate that belonged to a national organization, which successfully proved the theft in court...and there was never even an arrest. Why? Because the victim was transgendered. The press, the family, and the police were quite vocally happier to see a dead woman than a live man. I can think of no clearer example of institutionalized discrimination in America since George Wallace blocked school integration.

In my research, a decade later, Wikipedia is still the only internet site that uses the term "transgendered" or "transexual," or refers to Cam Lyman as anything other than a mentally disturbed woman who incidentally got herself killed. In the discussion of whether or not this piece of history is worth remembering, Wikpedia readers are still referring to Cam Lyman as "it." I believe that should answer the question.

The "it" here refers to the article, not Cam Lyman. If you did indeed do research on his murder, it would be nice if you could expand the article; I myself find the story most interesting, but know next to nothing about it. (Well, being German, I didn't get anything of the press coverage, either, of course.) -- AlexR 09:33, 5 Jun 2005 (UTC)
For what it's worth, AlexR...there wasn't any press coverage of this in the United States either. -Etoile 17:19, 12 July 2005 (UTC)

Since AlexR and Morwen seem intent at not letting you get any real information on Cam Lyman from this wikipedia article, despite AlexR admittedly not knowing anything about Cam Lyman, do yourself a favor and avoid this page, it will not do you any good. Other than the category, you'd have no idea as to Cam Lymans gender, so get your information from here;

Which is just one of a great many sites with information on the individual that parallels what I tried to put on her wikipedia article.

Sad day when political correctness rules over infortmation on a website like this.

That is a link to a website selling the story for $4.95. 04:16, 9 January 2007 (UTC)