Klaus Teuber

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Klaus Teuber
Klaus Teuber 2017 (cropped).jpg
Teuber in 2017
Born (1952-06-25) June 25, 1952 (age 68)
OccupationGame designer
Known forboard game developer

Klaus Teuber (born June 25, 1952[1]) is a German former dental technician and designer of board games.


Teuber won the Spiel des Jahres ("Game of the Year") award four times: for The Settlers of Catan, Barbarossa, Drunter und Drüber and Adel Verpflichtet. Teuber's By Hook or Crook, published by Avalon Hill in 1991, was an early import of a German-style game into the American market.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Teuber retired from his profession as a dental technician to become a full-time game designer in 1999. As of 2007, he lives in Darmstadt with his wife Claudia. They have two sons, Guido and Benny.[3]


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