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Caras may refer to:

People with the surname Caras[edit]

  • Cien Caras (born 1949), ring name of Mexican professional wrestler Carmelo Reyes González
  • Dos Caras (born 1951), ring name of Mexican professional wrestler José Luis Rodríguez
  • Dos Caras, Jr. (born 1977), ring name of Rodríguez's son, Mexican professional wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter Alberto Rodríguez, also known as Alberto Del Rio
  • Emil Caras (born 1967), Moldovan association football coach and a former player
  • Ion Caras (born 1950), Moldovan association football manager
  • Peter Caras (born 1941), American illustrator
  • Roger A. Caras (1928–2001), American animal photographer/writer and wildlife preservationist