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Bungee balls are toys that are produced as a means of enhancing a person's hand–eye coordination.[1][2]


Traditionally, a bungee ball is made of plastic. At one end or an elastic cord a person slips his/her finger into a notch and at the other end is an elastic hollow ball containing synthetic liquid.

Fashion and availability[edit]

Bungee balls were a fad in February 1991 and most bungee balls were sold during this time period[citation needed]. After March 2003, they started vanishing from stores partly due to controversy over what was contained inside them[citation needed]. They were also discontinued in many stores because often after about 4–7 hours of use, the Bungee Ball's bungee cord would snap, and the ball itself would break, releasing synthetic liquid. They were recalled in October 2003. By then, nearly all Bungee Balls had vanished from retail stores. Bungee Balls are now most available by online shopping[citation needed].

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