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Stasis (from Greek στάσις "a standing still") may refer to:

  • A state of stability, in which all forces are equal and opposing, therefore they cancel out each other
  • Stasis (political history), a period of civil war within an ancient Greek city-state
  • Stasis (biology), a block of little or no evolutionary change in a species, in the punctuated equilibrium model of evolutionary biology
  • Stasis (fiction) implies, especially in science-fiction, an artificial pause that stops all physical and chemical processes, including those of life; they resume as if uninterrupted as soon as the stasis is ended
  • Stasis (film) a 2017 science-fiction film about a teenage girl's accidental involvement in a war between time-travelers.
  • Stasis (liturgy) a division of a Kathisma or other liturgical verses
  • Stasis (medicine), a state in which the normal flow of a body liquid stops, for example the flow of blood through vessels or of intestinal contents through the digestive tract
  • Stasis, moniker of Steve Pickton, British techno musician
  • Stasis (music), a technique or form used in minimalist music, and also any other style that may use slow musical development
  • Stasis (rhetoric), represents a "stand" or a "mode of proceeding" in a given argument. It consists of a four-part invention process which investigates facts (conjecture), definition, quality (right or wrong) and policy (plan of action) in a given argument.
  • Stasis (The UA Years 1971–1975), a compilation album by Hawkwind
  • "Stasis" (The Outer Limits), an episode of the television show
  • Stasis (video game), a science fiction point-and-click crowdfunded video game released in 2015
  • Venous stasis in medicine may refer to venous insufficiency