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ANJV symbol

Algemeen Nederlands Jeugd Verbond (ANJV) was a political youth movement in the Netherlands. ANJV was founded on 15 June 1945, in Concert building, Amsterdam. The ANJV was an independent youth organisation inspired by, and with links, to the Communistische Partij van Nederland (Communist Party of the Netherlands). Contrary to popular belief,[citation needed] the ANJV was not the youth organisation of the CPN, but had an independent broad "all-youth" structure, similar to that of the East-German Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ). This is as opposed to the Jonge Socialisten or the JovD which are directly related to the PvdA and the VVD, respectively.

The ANJV was dissolved in 2005, after 60 years.

The predecessor of ANJV was Communistische Jeugd Holland.

ANJV was a member of World Federation of Democratic Youth.

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