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Discussion log from IRC, timestamps are MET

22:15 morwen_: JeLuF: Are you going to add all german districts to that article?
        <JeLuF> morwen: Shouldn't I?
22:18 secretlondon: why not?
22:18  morwen_: I dunno
22:18  morwen_: but we shouldn't import List of germans there, i would have thought
        <JeLuF> I thought you intended something like
-               List of mathematical topics
22:18 secretlondon: indeed
        <JeLuF> so everything
22:18 secretlondon: or the albania one
        <JeLuF> else the Recent  changes wouldn't work
22:19  morwen_: yeah
22:19  morwen_: but as an index, it wouldn't be much use if it was 99% german districts and
-               villgaes, and 1% othe things
        <JeLuF> And it's not List of Germans, it's Chancelors and Presidents I just added.
-               Important enough, no?
22:19  morwen_: I know
22:19 secretlondon: of course
22:20  morwen_: but if you add all districts, I don't see why you shouldn't add all Germans
22:20  morwen_: i just want to know what the policy is/will be
22:20 secretlondon: it should be as comprehensive as possible
22:20  morwen_: so it should be a superset of all Lists of german things?
22:20  morwen_: just linking to the lists isn't enough?
22:20 secretlondon: yes
22:20  morwen_: i see
22:21 secretlondon: but it doesn't all need doing now
22:21  morwen_: that's not how List of UK-related topics works
        <JeLuF> linking to the lists wouldn't make "Related changes" work
22:21  morwen_: i know that
        <JeLuF> secret: But I'm bored and need some stupid work to be done :-)
22:21  morwen_: i just was under the impression these were meant as an index for humans to use
22:22  morwen_: if they really are just for 'recent changes', i'm going to give up doing them
22:22  morwen_: and place the blank ones on vfd
22:22  morwen_: List_of_Philippine-related_topics agrees with me
        <JeLuF> but then, shouldn't this be part of the Germany article?
22:23  morwen_: as does List_of_South_Africa-related_topics
22:23  morwen_: but they have a categorised structure, which is more sensible if yuo are going to
-               shove large amoutns of things in
        <JeLuF> OK, I'll stop and wait for a policy to evolve.
22:25 secretlondon: I think they should be the same as all the others
22:25  morwen_: right
22:25  morwen_: then the alphabetical thing needs to die
22:25 secretlondon: the blank ones are being filled in
22:25  morwen_: most of them have categories by subject

I think we agreed that an exhaustive list of places and people should be on the page, but perhaps in separate sections. Morwen 22:04, Dec 14, 2003 (UTC)