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Independence of Chile Flag of Chile
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La Patria Vieja
La Reconquista
La Patria Nueva
Battle of Maipú
Battle of Chacabuco
Bernardo O'Higgins
José Miguel Carrera


As opposition of the invasion of Napoleon during the Peninsular War, Spanish people didn't recognise the authority of Joseph Bonaparte as King of Spain. As it was stablished, under the absence of a legimate king the sovereignity came back to the people. So, the villages and cities of Spain organised juntas de gobierno, formed by the notables of each city. The juntasrepresented for the Spanish the legal authority and their mission was preserved the power and national unity during the absence of the legimate King.

All the peninsular juntas gathered themselves around the junta of Sevilla, which became the national authority in the rebel Spain.

In the case of the of American colonies, the Spanish law also stablished that those territories were property of the crown and not of the kindgom or people of Spain. So, when the Junta of Sevilla tried to designate authorities for the colonies, some american creoles reacted and didn't not recognise it authority in America. In their opinion, in absence of King there was not official link between the Peninsula and the territories. So it was the responsability of the creoles - which were excluded in the colonial government - take the responsability of presserving the authority of the King under his absence.

This point of view had detractors between spanish officials residents in the Americas and some creoles. But the situation was also supported by some group of creoles influenced by the Illustration and French Revolution - many of them had lived in England or France - who saw the constitution of local Juntas a the first step for an american independence.

The First Goverment Junta[edit]

La Patria Vieja[edit]

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La Reconquista[edit]

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La Patria Nueva[edit]

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