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New York Asian Film Festival
LocationNew York, New York

The New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) is a critically acclaimed film festival held in New York City, dedicated to the display of Asian Film Culture. The New York Asian Film Festival generally features contemporary premieres and classic titles from Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia (particularly Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and Thailand), though South Asian cinema has also been represented via films from India and Pakistan.[1][2] The NYAFF displays many of its films as a first-and-only screening in the country, giving audiences the chance to see these films, although they would not be normally distributed in the United States.[3] The up-and-coming actors and directors of the exhibited films are brought over as special guests of the NYAFF every year.[4] Genres featured in the film festival includes Horror film, Gangster/Crime, Martial Arts, and Action. [5]

From its inception in 2002 through 2018, the festival was programmed and operated by Subway Cinema. The Film Society of Lincoln Center has worked in collaboration with Subway Cinema to operate the annual festival since 2010.[6] In 2019, Subway Cinema and the New York Asian Film Festival became wholly separate legal entities. The New York Asian Film Festival is now owned and operated by the nonprofit organization the New York Asian Film Foundation Inc.[7] Every year the annual film festival is curated by long time executive director Samuel Jamier, and programmers Claire Marty, David Wilentz, Karen Severns, and Koichi Mori.[8] The festival is now attempting to stray away from curation and increase the amount of films that are directly submitted by filmmakers.[9]

Until 2007, the festival was held annually at the Anthology Film Archives and/or The ImaginAsian, usually around the end of June and early July. In 2007, the festival moved to the IFC Center and Japan Society, and in 2010, the Lincoln Center became the festival's primary home, though select screenings are also held at School of Visual Arts.

Starting in 2008, in addition to the Audience Award, the festival also handed out a Jury Prize. In 2013 the Daniel A. Craft Award for Excellence in Action Cinema was added in memory of the festival's late director and treasurer.[10] The festival is also a large engine for filmmakers and their films to be picked up by large name distribution companies in the United States and in Asia.[9]

New York Asian Film Festival screenings[edit]

2020 2nd Winter Showcase[edit]

Screenings were held from Feb 14–16, 2020 at SVA Theater.

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
1994 Eat Drink Man Woman 飲食男女  Taiwan +  US Ang Lee
2019 Extreme Job 극한직업  South Korea Lee Byeong-heon
2019 The First Supper 最初の晩餐  Japan Shiro Tokiwa North America
1996 God of Cookery 食神  Hong Kong Stephen Chow
2013 The Lunchbox The Lunchbox  India Ritesh Batra
1985 Tampopo タンポポ  Japan Juzo Itami
2013 Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast 總舖師  Taiwan Chen Yu-hsun


Screenings were held from June 28 - July 14, 2019 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and SVA Theater.

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2018 212 Warrior Wiro Sableng 212  Indonesia Angga Dwimas Sasongko North America
2019 5 Million Dollar Life 五億円のじんせい  Japan Moon Sung-ho North American
2018 A First Farewell 第一次的离别  China Lina Wong US
2019 A Resistance 항거  South Korea Joe Min-ho North America
2019 Another Child 미성년  South Korea Kim Yoon-seok North America
2019 The Attorney 一級指控  Hong Kong Wong Kwok-fai International
2018 Complicity コンプリシティ 優しい共犯  Japan Kei Chikaura New York
2018 The Crossing 过春天  Hong Kong Bai Xue
2018 Dare to Stop Us 止められるか、俺たちを  Japan Kazuya Shiraishi New York
2018 Dark Figure of Crime 암수살인  South Korea Kim Tae-kyun New York
2019 The Fable ザ・ファブル  Japan Kan Eguchi US
2019 The Fatal Raid 辣警霸王花2 不義之戰  Hong Kong Jacky Lee North America
2019 Fly Me to the Saitama 翔んで埼玉  Japan Hideki Takeuchi New York
2019 Furie Hai Phượng  Vietnam Le-Van Kiet
2018 G Affairs G殺  Hong Kong Lee Cheuk Pan North America
2018 The Gun  Japan Masaharu Take North American
2019 Han Dan 寒單  Taiwan Huang Chao-liang North America
2018 Hard-Core ハード・コア  Japan Nobuhiro Yamashita North American
2019 If You Are Happy 学区房83弄  China Xiaoming Chen New York
1993 Iron Monkey 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮  Hong Kong Yuen Woo-ping
2019 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show 瘋狂電視台  Taiwan Nien-Chu Hsieh North America
2018 Jam jam  Japan Sabu North American
2018 Jinpa 撞死了一只羊  China Pema Tseden US
2018 Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels 꼭두 이야기  South Korea Kim Tae-yong US
2018 Lying to Mom 鈴木家の嘘  Japan Katsumi Nojiri North American
2018 Ma Ma  Philippines Kenneth Lim Dagatan International
2018 Maggie 메기  South Korea Yi Ok-seop North America
2018 Master Z: Ip Man Legacy 葉問外傳:張天志  Hong Kong Yuen Woo-ping
1982 The Miracle Fighters 奇門遁甲  Hong Kong Yuen Woo-ping
2019 Missbehavior 恭喜八婆  Hong Kong Pang Ho-cheung
2018 Money  South Korea Park Noo-ri New York
2018 Move the Grave 이장  South Korea Jeong Seung-o International
2017 Mr. Long MR. LONG/ミスター・ロン  Japan Sabu
2019 The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale 기묘한 가족  South Korea Lee Min-jae North America
2018 The Pool นรก 6 เมตร  Thailand Ping Lumpraploeng North America
2019 Push and Shove 狗眼看人心  China Wu Nan North America
2018 The Rib 肋骨  China Wei Zhang North America
2019 Samurai Marathon サムライマラソン  Japan +  United Kingdom Bernard Rose North American
2018 Savage 雪暴  China Cui Siwei
2018 The Scoundrels 狂徒  Taiwan Tzu-Hsuan Hung New York
2016 See You Tomorrow 擺渡人  Hong Kong Zhang Jiajia North America
2018 Signal Rock  Philippines Chito S. Roño New York
2018 Someone in the Clouds 真愛神出來  Taiwan Mitch Lin and Gary Tseng
2018 Song Lang Song Lang  Vietnam Leon Le New York
2018 Still Human 淪落人  Hong Kong Oliver Siu Kuen Chan New York
2018 Sub-Zero Wind 영하의 바람  South Korea Kim Yu-ri North America
2019 The Terror: Infamy The Terror: Infamy  US Josef Kubota Wladyka World
2018 Uncle and House 合群路  China Luo Hanxing International
2019 Walk With Me 雙魂  Malaysia Ryon Lee North America
2019 White Snake 白蛇:缘起  China Amp Wong, Ji Zhao North America
2019 The White Storm 2 Drug Lords 掃毒2天地對決  Hong Kong Herman Yau International
2019 Winter After Winter 冬去冬又来  China Xing Jian North America
2018 Wushu Orphan 武林孤儿  China Huang Huang North America
2018 Zombiepura 尸杀军营  Singapore Jacen Tan North America

2019 1st Winter Showcase[edit]

Screenings were held from February 1–3 & 8-10, 2019 at SVA Theater.

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2014 100 Yen Love 百円の恋  Japan Masaharu Take
2006 After This Our Exile 父子  Taiwan +  Hong Kong +  Malaysia Patrick Tam
2019 Breathless 똥파리  South Korea Yang Ik-June
2005 Crying Fist 주먹이 운다  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan New York
2018 Fly by Night 非常盜  Malaysia Zahir Omar New York
2017 Have a Nice Day 好极了  China Liu Jian
1992 King of Beggars 武狀元蘇乞兒  Hong Kong Gordon Chan
1995 Mee Pok Man Mee Pok Man  Singapore Eric Khoo
2009 Merantau Merantau  Indonesia Gareth Evans
2018 Miss Baek 미쓰백  South Korea Lee Ji-Won North America
1979 The Mystery of Chess Boxing 雙馬連環  Taiwan Joseph Kuo
2011 The Raid: Redemption Serbuan maut  Indonesia Gareth Evans
1977 7 Grandmasters 虎豹龍蛇鷹  Taiwan Joseph Kuo
1968 The Swordsman of All Swordsmen 一代劍王  Taiwan Joseph Kuo


Screenings were held from June 29 - July 15, 2018 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and SVA Theater.

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2017 1987: When the Day Comes 1987  South Korea Jang Joon-hwan
2017 After My Death 죄 많은 소녀  South Korea Kim Ui-seok North American
2017 The Age of Blood 역모 - 반란의 시대  South Korea Kim Hong-sun
2008 Beast Stalker 証人  Hong Kong Dante Lam
2017 The Big Call 猜猜我是誰  Hong Kong Oxide Pang North American
2018 Blood of Wolves 孤狼の血  Japan Kazuya Shiraishi North American
2017 The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful 血觀音  Taiwan Yang Ya-che
2017 The Brink 狅戰  Hong Kong Jonathan Li New York
2018 Buffalo Boys  Indonesia  Singapore Mike Wiluan U.S.
2018 BuyBust  Philippines Erik Matti World
2017 Counters 카운터스  South Korea Lee Il-ha North American
2018 Crossroads: One Two Jaga One Two Jaga  Malaysia Namron North American
2018 Dude's Manual 脱单告急  China Kevin Ko
2018 Dukun  Malaysia Dain Said International
2018 Dynamite Graffiti 素敵なダイナマイトスキャンダル  Japan Masanori Tominaga North American
2017 The Empty Hands 空手道  Hong Kong Chapman To
2018 End of Summer 西小河的夏天  China Zhou Quan New York
2017 The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes 前任3: 再见前任  China Tian Yu-sheng
2018 Gatao 2: Rise of the King 角頭GATAO 2: 王者再起  Taiwan Yen Cheng-kuo North American
2017 Hit the Night 밤치기  South Korea Jeong Ga-young North American
2018 House of the Rising Sons 兄弟班  Hong Kong Anothony Chan World
2017 The Hungry Lion 飢えたライオン  Japan Takaomi Ogata North American
2017 I Can Speak 아이 캔 스피크  South Korea Kim Hyun-seok
2018 Inuyashiki いぬやしき  Japan Shinsuke Sato North American
2015 Kakekomi 駆込み女と駆出し男  Japan Masato Harada New York
1995 Kamikaze Taxi  Japan Masato Harada
2017 The Last Verse 最後的詩句  Taiwan Tseng Ying-ting New York
2018 Little Forest 리틀 포레스트  South Korea Yim Soon-rye New York
2018 Liverleaf ミスミソウ  Japan Eisuke Naito North American
2018 Looking for Lucky 尋狗啟事  China Jiang Jia-chen North American
2017 The Looming Storm 暴雪将至  China Dong Yue North American
2018 Men on the Dragon 逆流大叔  Hong Kong Sunny Chan World
2017 Microhabitat 소공녀  South Korea Jeon Go-woon North American
2017 Midnight Bus ミッドナイト・バス  Japan Masao Takeshita North American
2017 Missing Johnny 強尼.凱克  Taiwan Huang Xi New York
2017 Neomanila  Philippines Mikhail Red New York
2017 Old Beast 老兽  China Zhou Ziyang New York
2018 On Happiness Road 幸福路上  Taiwan Sung Hsin-yin North American
2013 On the Job  Philippines Erik Matti
2017 One Cut of the Dead カメラを止めるな!  Japan Shinichirou Ueda North American
2018 Operation Red Sea 紅海行動  Hong Kong Dante Lam
2017 Paradox 殺破狼・貪狼  Hong Kong Wilson Yip
2017 Premika เปรมิกาป่าราบ  Thailand Siwakorn Jarupongpa North American
2017 Respeto  Philippines Treb Monteras North American
2018 The Return  South Korea  Denmark Malene Choi New York
2018 River's Edge リバーズ・エッジ  Japan Isao Yukisada North American
2018 Sad Beauty เพื่อนฉัน...ฝันสลาย  Thailand Bongkod Bencharongkul North American
2017 Sekigahara 関ヶ原  Japan Masato Harada New York
2018 The Scythian Lamb 羊の木  Japan Daihachi Yoshida New York
2018 Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story  Philippines Irene Villamor New York
2017 Smokin' on the Moon ニワトリ☆スター  Japan Kanata Wolf International
2000 Tears of the Black Tiger ฟ้าทะลายโจร  Thailand Wisit Sasanatieng
2017 The Third Murder 三度目の殺人  Japan Hirokazu Kore-eda New York
2013 Unbeatable 激戰  Hong Kong  China Dante Lam
2018 We Will Not Die Tonight  Philippines Richard Somes World
2018 What a Man Wants 바람 바람 바람  South Korea Lee Byeong-heon International
2017 Wrath of Silence 暴裂无声  China Xin Yukun New York


On March 13 it was announced that the 16th annual New York Asian Film Festival would happen from June 30 - July 16 emanating from the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the SVA Theatre.

The NYAFF Jury Award returned in 2017 with two new categories.[11] The 2017 NYAFF Jury Award for Best Feature was given to BAD GENIUS. The award was presented to Nattawut Poonpiriya who was in attendance. Special Mention was given to A DOUBLE LIFE while Honorable Mention for Most Promising Director, AKA The Brass Balls Award, was awarded to Lê Bình Giang for Vietnam's Kfc. Jury members included indie actress Jennifer Kim, video-on-demand acquisitions executive George Schmaltz, and NYAFF super fan Kristina Winters.

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2016 Aroused By Gymnopedies ジムノペディに乱れる  Japan Isao Yukisada North American
2017 Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno 밤섬해적단 서울불바다  South Korea Jung Yoon-suk North American
2017 Bad Genius ฉลาดเกมส์โกง  Thailand Nattawut Poonpiriya International
2017 Battle of Memories 记忆大师  China Leste Chen
2016 Blood of Youth 少年  China Yang Shupeng North American
2016 Birdshot  Philippines Mikhail Red North American
2016 Close-Knit 彼らが本気で編むときは  Japan Naoko Ogigami U.S.
2016 Dawn of the Felines 牝猫たち  Japan Kazuya Shiraishi North American
2017 Dealer/Healer 毒。誡  Hong Kong Lawrence Lau North American
2016 Destruction Babies ディストラクション・ベイビーズ  Japan Tetsuya Mariko New York
2016 A Double Life 二重生活  Japan Yoshiyuki Kishi North American
2017 Duckweed 乘风破浪  China Han Han
2006 Eternal Summer 盛夏光年  Taiwan Leste Chen New York
2005 Election 黑社會  Hong Kong Johnnie To
2017 Extraordinary Mission 非凡任务  China Alan Mak; Anthony Pun
2017 Fabricated City 조작된 도시  South Korea Park Kwang-hyun
2016 Fantasy of the Girls 소녀의 세계  South Korea Ahn Jeong-min International
2016 The Gangster's Daughter 林北小舞  Taiwan Mei-Juin Chen North American
2016 Godspeed 一路順風  Taiwan Chung Mong-hong New York
2016 Happiness ハピネス  Japan Sabu New York
2016 Jane 꿈의 제인  South Korea Cho Hyun-hoon North American
2016 Japanese Girls Never Die アズミ・ハルコは行方不明  Japan Daigo Matsui New York
2017 Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 西遊伏妖篇  Hong Kong  China Tsui Hark
2017 Kfc  Vietnam Lê Bình Giang North American
2016 The Long Excuse 永い言い訳  Japan Miwa Nishikawa New York
2017 Love and Other Cults 獣道  Japan Eiji Uchida North American
2016 Mad World 一念無明  Hong Kong Wong Chun New York
2016 The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio 土竜の唄 香港狂騒曲  Japan Takashi Miike North American
2017 Mon Mon Mon Monsters 報告老師!怪怪怪怪物!  Taiwan Giddens Ko North American
2016 Mrs. B, A North Korean Woman 마담 B  South Korea Jero Yun North American
2016 Mrs. K  Malaysia  Hong Kong Ho Yuhang
1992 Naked Killer 赤裸羔羊  Hong Kong Wong Jing
2017 Ordinary Person 보통사람  South Korea Kim Bong-han North American
2016 A Quiet Dream 춘몽  South Korea Zhang Lu U.S.
2016 Rage 怒り  Japan Lee Sang-il New York
2016 The Road To Mandalay 再見瓦城  Taiwan Midi Z New York
2016 Saving Sally  Philippines Avid Liongoren New York
2017 A Single Rider 싱글라이더  South Korea Lee Joo-young North American
2016 Someone to Talk To 一句頂一萬句  China Liu Yulin
2016 Soul Mate 七月与安生  China  Hong Kong Derek Tsang
2016 Soul on a String 皮绳上的魂  China Zhang Yang New York
2016 Split 스플릿  South Korea Choi Kook-hee
2016 Suffering of Ninko 仁光の受難  Japan Norihiro Niwatsukino New York
2017 Survival Family サバイバルファミリー  Japan Shinobu Yaguchi New York
2014 The Taking of Tiger Mountain 智取威虎山  China Tsui Hark
2017 This Is Not What I Expected 喜欢你  China  Hong Kong Derek Hui
2017 The Tooth and the Nail 석조저택 살인사건  South Korea Kim Hwi; Jung Sik North American
2016 The Truth Beneath 비밀은 없다  South Korea Lee Kyoung-mi New York
2015 Town In A Lake MATANGTUBIG  Philippines Jet Leyco North American
2016 Traces of Sin 愚行録  Japan Kei Ishikawa U.S.
2017 Vampire Cleanup Department 救僵清道夫  Hong Kong Yan Pak-wing; Chiu Sin-hang New York
2016 Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned 가려진 시간  South Korea Um Taw-hwa
2017 The Village of No Return 健忘村  Taiwan Chen Yu-hsun North American
2017 The Villainess 악녀  South Korea Jung Byung-gil U.S.
2016 Wet Woman in the Wind 風に濡れた女  Japan Akihiko Shiota North American
2017 With Prisoners 同囚  Hong Kong Andrew Wong Kwok-kuen North American
2017 Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight 今晚打喪屍  Hong Kong Alan Lo North American


Screenings were held from June 22 - July 9, 2016 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and SVA Theater.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2015 Ten Years 十年  Hong Kong Ng Ka-leung, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-Wai, Fei-Pang Wong, Kwok Zune North American
2001 All About Lily Chou-Chou リリイ・シュシュのすべて  Japan Shunji Iwai
2015 Alone 혼자  South Korea Park Hong-Min New York
2015 Apocalypse Child  Philippines Mario Cornejo North American
2015 The Bacchus Lady 죽여주는 여자  South Korea E J-yong New York
2016 The Bodyguard aka My Beloved Bodyguard 特工爺爺  Hong Kong  China Sammo Hung New York
2016 Super Bodyguard 超级保镖  China Yue Song North American
2015 The Boys Who Cried Wolf 양치기들  South Korea Kim Jin-Hwang North American
2016 A Bride for Rip Van Winkle リップヴァンウィンクルの花嫁  Japan Shunji Iwai New York
2015 Creepy クリーピー 偽りの隣人  Japan Kiyoshi Kurosawa New York
2015 Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet 동주  South Korea Lee Joon-ik New York
2015 Fourth Place 4등  South Korea Jung Ji-woo New York
2016 Grace อวสานโลกสวย  Thailand Pun Homchuen; Onusa Donsawai North American
2015 Hamog (Haze)  Philippines Ralston Jover North American
2015 Heart Attack aka Freelance ฟรีแลนซ์..ห้ามป่วย ห้ามพัก ห้ามรักหมอ  Thailand Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit New York
2016 Hentai Kamen 2: The Abnormal Crisis HK 変態仮面 アブノーマル・クライシス  Japan Yuichi Fukuda North American
1998 A Hero Never Dies 真心英雄  Hong Kong Johnnie To
2015 Honor Thy Father  Philippines Erik Matti New York
2016 If Cats Disappeared from the World 世界から猫が消えたなら  Japan Akira Nagata North American
2015 Inside Men 내부자들  South Korea Woo Min-ho New York
2015 Jagat (Brutal) ஐகாட்  Malaysia Shanjhey Kumar Perumal International
2015 Keeper of Darkness 陀地驅魔人  Hong Kong Nick Cheung North American
2016 Killer And Undercover  Hong Kong Lau Kar-leung
2015 Kiyamachi Drama 木屋町DARUMA  Japan Hideo Sakaki International
2015 The Laundryman 青田街一號  Taiwan Lee Chung New York
2015 Lazy Hazy Crazy 同班同學  Hong Kong Luk Yee-sum North American
2012 Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明  Hong Kong Pang Ho-cheung
2015 Maverick 菜鳥  Taiwan Cheng Wen-tang North American
2016 The Mermaid 美人鱼/美人魚  China  Hong Kong Stephen Chow
2015 Miss Hokusai 百日紅  Japan Keiichi Hara New York
2016 The Mobfathers 選老頂  Hong Kong Herman Yau New York
2015 Mr. Six 老炮儿  China Guan Hu
2015 The Priests 검은 사제들  South Korea Jang Jae-hyun
2015 Saving Mr. Wu 解救吾先生  China Ding Sheng
2015 Seoul Station 서울역  South Korea Yeon Sang-ho North American
2015 She Remembers, He Forgets 差一點我們會飛  Hong Kong Adam Wong
2015 The Sound of a Flower 도리화가  South Korea Lee Jong-pil North American
1996 Swallowtail Butterfly スワロウテイル  Japan Shunji Iwai
2015 The Tag-Along 紅衣小女孩  Taiwan Cheng Wei-hao US
2006 Tekkonkinkreet 鉄コン筋クリート  Japan Michael Arias
2016 The Tenants Downstairs 樓下的房客  Taiwan Adam Tsuei International
1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man 鉄男  Japan Shinya Tsukamoto
2015 The Throne 사도  South Korea Lee Joon-ik
2016 Too Young to Die! Too Young to Die! 若くして死ぬ  Japan Kankurō Kudō North American
2016 Trivisa 樹大招風  Hong Kong Frank Hui; Jevons Au; Vicky Wong
2016 Twisted Justice 日本で一番悪い奴ら  Japan Kazuya Shiraishi International
2015 A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전  South Korea Lee Il-hyung
2015 Weeds on Fire 點五步  Hong Kong Chan Chi-fat International
2016 What a Wonderful Family! 家族はつらいよ  Japan Yoji Yamada US
2015 What's In The Darkness 黑处有什么  China Wang Yichun North American
2015 Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass Tôi thấy hoa vàng trên cỏ xanh  Vietnam Victor Vu New York
2015 Zinnia Flower 百日告別  Taiwan Tom Lin New York


Screenings were held from June 26 - July 11, 2015 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and SVA Theater.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
1965 Abashiri Prison 網走番外地  Japan Teruo Ishii
2015 Banglasia 猛加拉殺手  Malaysia Namewee International
1973 Battles without Honor and Humanity 仁義なき戦い  Japan Kinji Fukasaku
2014 Brotherhood of Blades 绣春刀  China Lu Yang
2014 Café. Waiting. Love. 等一個人咖啡  Taiwan Chiang Chin-lin North American
2014 Cart 카트  South Korea Boo Ji-young New York
2015 Chasuke's Journey 天の茶助  Japan Sabu North American
1987 City on Fire 龍虎風雲  Hong Kong Ringo Lam
2015 Coin Locker Girl 차이나타운  South Korea Han Jun-hee North American
2012 Cold War 寒戰  Hong Kong Longman Leung; Sunny Luk
1975 Cops Vs. Thugs 県警対組織暴力  Japan Kinji Fukasaku
2015 Empire of Lust 순수의 시대  South Korea Ahn Sang-hoon International
2014 A Fool 一个勺子  China Chen Jianbin North American
1997 Full Alert 高度戒備  Hong Kong Ringo Lam
2015 Full Strike 全力扣殺  Hong Kong  China Derek Kwok; Henri Wong US
2007 Funuke, Show Some Love You Losers! 腑抜けども、悲しみの愛を見せろ  Japan Daihachi Yoshida
2015 Initiation Love イニシエーション・ラブ  Japan Yukihiko Tsutsumi International
2014 Insanity 暴瘋語  Hong Kong David Lee North American
2000 The Isle  South Korea Kim Ki-duk
2014 It's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong  Hong Kong United States Emily Ting New York
2014 Kabukicho Love Hotel さよなら歌舞伎町  Japan Ryūichi Hiroki New York
2015 La La La at Rock Bottom 味園ユニバース  Japan Nobuhiro Yamashita North American
2014 The Last Reel ដុំហ្វីលចុងក្រោយ  Cambodia Kulikar Sotho New York
2015 Little Big Master 五個小孩的校長  Hong Kong  China Adrian Kwan
1979 The Man who Stole the Sun 太陽を盗んだ男  Japan Kazuhiko Hasegawa
2014 Meeting Dr. Sun 行動代號:孫中山  Taiwan Yee Chih-Yen US
2014 My Love, Don't Cross That River 님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오  South Korea Jin Mo-young New York
2015 Nowhere Girl 東京無国籍少女  Japan Mamoru Oshii North American
1964 Nihon Kyokaku-Den (Tales of Chivalry in Japan) 日本侠客伝  Japan Masahiro Makino
2014 Pale Moon 紙の月  Japan Daihachi Yoshida North American
2014 Partners in Crime 共犯  Hong Kong  Taiwan Chang Jung-Chi New York
2010 Permanent Nobara パーマネントのばら  Japan Daihachi Yoshida New York
2015 Port of Call 踏血尋梅  China Philip Yung North American
2005 The President's Last Bang 그때 그사람들  South Korea Im Sang-soo
2014 Red Amnesia 闯入者  China Wang Xiaoshuai New York
2014 Revivre 화장  South Korea Im Kwon-taek New York
2014 River Road 家在水草丰茂的地方  China Li Ruijun US
2015 Robbery 老笠  Hong Kong Fire Lee World
2014 The Royal Tailor 상의원  South Korea Lee Won-suk New York
2014 Ruined Heart: Another Love Story Between A Criminal and A Whore  Philippines Germany Khavn (AKA Khavn De La Cruz) New York
2014 Second Chance 逆轉勝  Taiwan Wen Yen Kung East Coast
2014 Socialphobia 소셜포비아  South Korea Hong Seok-jae US
2015 Solomon's Perjury Part 1: Suspicion ソロモンの偽証 前篇・事件  Japan Izuru Narushima North American
2015 Solomon's Perjury Part 2: Judgement ソロモンの偽証 後篇・裁判  Japan Izuru Narushima North American
2014 The Taking of Tiger Mountain 智取威虎山  China Tsui Hark
2014 Taksu 欲動  Japan Kiki Sugino North American
2014 Tokyo Tribe トウキョウ トライブ  Japan Sion Sono New York
2015 Twenty 스물  South Korea Lee Byeong-heon International
2015 Two Thumbs Up 衝鋒車  Hong Kong Lau Ho-leung North American
2014 Vengeance of an Assassin เร็วทะลุเร็ว.  Thailand Panna Rittikrai North American
2014 Violater  Philippines Eduardo "Dodo" Dayao North American
2001 Waikiki Brothers 와이키키 브라더스  South Korea Yim Soon-rye
2014 The Whistleblower 제보자  South Korea Yim Soon-rye North American
1964 Wolves, Pigs, and Men 狼と豚と人間  Japan Kinji Fukasaku


Screenings were held from June 27 - July 14, 2014 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Asia Society and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2014 3D Naked Ambition 3D豪情  Hong Kong Lee Kung-lok North American
2014 Aberdeen 香港仔  Hong Kong Pang Ho-cheung
2013 Aim High In Creation!  Australia Anna Broinowski US
2014 All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa 万能鑑定士 Q モナ リザの瞳  Japan Shinsuke Sato North American
2012 Apolitical Romance] 對面的女孩殺過來  Taiwan Hsieh Chun-yi New York
2014 As the Light Goes Out 救火英雄  China  Hong Kong Derek Kwok North American
2013 Au revoir l' ete ほとりの朔子  Japan Koji Fukada US
2013 Beautiful New Bay Area Project ビューティフル・ニュー・ベイエリア・プロジェクト  Japan Kiyoshi Kurosawa
2014 Blind Massage 推拿  China  France Lou Ye US
1970 The Chinese Boxer 龍虎鬥  Hong Kong Jimmy Wang Yu
2013 Cold Eyes 감시자들  South Korea Cho Ui-seok; Kim Byung-seo New York
2013 Control 控制  China  Hong Kong  Taiwan Kenneth Bi North American
1973 The Delinquent 憤怒青年  Hong Kong Chang Cheh; Kuei Chih-Hung
2013 The Devil's Path 凶悪  Japan Shiraishi Kazuya East Coast
2013 The Eternal Zero 永遠の0  Japan Takashi Yamazaki US
2013 The Face Reader 관상  South Korea Han Jae-rim
2013 Firestorm 3D 風暴  China  Hong Kong  Malaysia Alan Yuen New York
2014 From Vegas to Macau 賭城風雲  China  Hong Kong Wong Jing New York
2014 Fuku-Chan of Fukufuku Flats 福福荘の福ちゃん  Japan Yosuke Fujita North American
2002 Golden Chicken 金雞  Hong Kong Samson Chiu
2014 Golden Chickensss 金雞 3  Hong Kong Matt Chow North American
2013 The Great Passage 舟を編む  Japan Yuya Ishii New York
2013 Han Gong-ju 한공주  South Korea Lee Su-jin New York
2013 Hope 소원  South Korea Lee Joon-ik North American
2000 Il Mare 시월애  South Korea Lee Hyun-seung
2014 Kano  Taiwan Umin Boya North American
1980 Killer Constable aka Karate Exterminators 萬人斬  Hong Kong Kuei Chih-Hung
1976 Killers on Wheels aka Madboys In Hong Kong 無法無天飛車黨  Hong Kong Kuei Chih-Hung
1974 The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 七金屍  Hong Kong Roy Ward Baker
1976 The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀  Hong Kong Chor Yuen
2013 Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits 만신  South Korea Park Chan-kyong North American
2013 Maruyama, The Middle Schooler 中学生円山  Japan Kankurō Kudō New York
2013 May We Chat 微交少女  Hong Kong Philip Yung North American
2013 Miss Zombie  Japan Sabu New York
2013 Moebius 뫼비우스  South Korea Kim Ki-duk New York
2014 The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji 土竜の唄 潜入捜査官 REIJI  Japan Takashi Miike US
2014 Monsterz MONSTERZ モンスターズ  Japan Hideo Nakata North American
1985 Mr. Vampire 殭屍先生  Hong Kong Ricky Lau
2014 My Man 私の男  Japan Kazuyoshi Kumakiri North American
2013 New World 신세계  South Korea Park Hoon-jung
2013 No Man's Land 無人區  China Ning Hao North American
1967 One-Armed Swordsman 獨臂刀  Hong Kong Chang Cheh
2014 Overheard 3  Hong Kong Alan Mak; Felix Chong International
2014 The Pinkie  Japan Lisa Takeba
1998 Portland Street Blues  Hong Kong Raymond Yip
2002 Public Enemy 공공의 적  South Korea Kang Woo-suk
2013 R100  Japan Hitoshi Matsumoto
2013 Rigor Mortis 殭屍  Hong Kong Juno Mak
2013 Rough Play 배우는 배우다  South Korea Shin Yeon-shick North American
1983 Seeding of a Ghost 種鬼  Hong Kong Chuan Yang
2013 Seventh Code セブンスコード  Japan Kiyoshi Kurosawa North American
2013 Silent Witness 全民目擊  China Fei Xing North American
2014 The Snow White Murder Case 白ゆき姫殺人事件  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura US
2013 Soul 失魂  Taiwan Chung Mong-hong New York
2013 The Terror Live 더 테러 라이브  South Korea Kim Byung-woo
2013 Top Star 톱스타  South Korea Park Joong-hoon North American
2014 Uzumasa Limelight 太秦ライムライト  Japan Ken Ochiai International
2013 The White Storm 掃毒  China Benny Chan North American
2012 Why Don't You Play in Hell? 地獄でなぜ悪い  Japan Sion Sono
2013 The White Storm 掃毒  China Benny Chan North American
2014 Wood Job! WOOD JOB! (ウッジョブ)神去なあなあ日常  Japan Shinobu Yaguchi North American
2013 Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast 舖師總:移動大廚  Taiwan Chen Yu-hsun New York


Screenings were held from June 28 - July 15, 2013 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Asia Society, and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2012 Aberya  Philippines Christian Linaban International
2012 The Animals  Philippines Gino M. Santos International
2004 Arahan 아라한 장풍 대작전  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan
2012 Bad Film  Japan Sion Sono North American
2013 Behind The Camera: Why Mr. E Went To Hollywood 뒷담화 감독이 미쳤어요  South Korea E J-yong US
2012 Beijing Blues 神探亨特張  China Gao Qunshu New York
2013 The Berlin File 베를린  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan
2006 Bloody Tie 사생결단  South Korea Choi Ho
2012 The Bullet Vanishes 消失的子彈  China  Hong Kong Law Chi-leung
2012 Catnip  Philippines Kevin Dayrit International
1982 The Challenge of the Lady Ninja aka Chinese Super Ninja 2 女忍者  Taiwan Lee Tso-Nam
2012 Cold War 寒戰  Hong Kong Longman Leung, Sunny Luk New York
2013 The Complex クロユリ団地  Japan Hideo Nakata North American
2012 Comrade Kim Goes Flying  North Korea Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans, Gwang-hun Kim New York
2012 The Concubine 후궁: 제왕의 첩  South Korea Kim Dae-seung North American
2012 Confession of Murder 내가 살인범이다  South Korea Jung Byung-gil North American
2012 Countdown เคาท์ดาวน์  Thailand Nattawat Poonpiriya North American
2012 Day Trip 청출어람  South Korea Park Chan-wook; Park Chan-kyong
2012 Double Xposure 二次曝光  China Li Yu North American
2012 Dreams For Sale 夢売るふたり  Japan Miwa Nishikawa New York
2013 Drug War 毒战  China  Hong Kong Johnnie To New York
1973 Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥  United States  Hong Kong Robert Clouse
2012 Eungyo aka A Muse 은교  South Korea Jung Ji-woo New York
2012 Feng Shui 萬箭穿心  China Wang Jing North American
2013 Forever Love 阿嬤的夢中情人  Taiwan Aozaru Shiao, Kitamura Toyoharu North American
2012 The Fridge  Philippines Rico Maria Ilarde North American
2012 Gangster อันธพาล  Thailand Kongkiat Khomsiri North American
2013 The Great War: Director's Cut 大戰放映會  Hong Kong Yan Yan Mak World
2013 Hardcore Comedy 重口味  Hong Kong Henri Wong; Chong Siu-Wing; Lai Yiu-fai World
2012 Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター  Japan Mika Ninagawa New York
2012 Hentai Kamen HK 変態仮面  Japan Yuichi Fukuda North American
2013 How to Use Guys with Secret Tips 남자사용설명서  South Korea Lee Won-suk North American
2012 I'm Flash  Japan Toshiaki Toyoda US
2012 An Inaccurate Memoir 匹夫  China Leon Yang North American
2012 Ip Man: The Final Fight 葉問 終極一戰  Hong Kong Herman Yau North American
2012 It's Me, It's Me 俺俺  Japan Satoshi Miki North American
2013 Jury 주리  South Korea Kim Dong-Ho North American
2012 Juvenile Offender 범죄소년  South Korea Kang Yi-kwan North American
2012 The Kirishima Thing 桐島、部活やめるってよ  Japan Daihachi Yoshida New York
1981 The Lady Avenger  Taiwan Yang Chia-yun
2012 The Last Supper 王的盛宴  China  Hong Kong  Taiwan Lu Chuan US
2012 The Last Tycoon 大上海  China  Hong Kong Wong Jing North American
2010 The Legend Is Born: Ip Man  Hong Kong Herman Yau
2012 Lesson of the Evil 悪の教典  Japan Takashi Miike New York
1983 A Life of Ninja 亡命忍者  Taiwan Lee Tso-nam
2012 Mystery 浮城謎事  China  France Lou Ye North American
1979 Never Too Late To Repent aka The First Error Step 錯誤的第一步  Taiwan Tsai Yang-ming
1981 On The Society File of Shanghai 上海社會檔案  Taiwan Wang Chu-chin
2013 One Perfect Day 사랑의 가위바위보  South Korea Kim Jee-woon International
2012 The Peach Tree 복숭아나무  South Korea Ku Hye-sun North American
2012 Rigodon  Philippines Erik Matti International
2013 The Rooftop 天台  Taiwan Jay Chou International
2012 Rurouni Kenshin るろうに剣心(  Japan Keishi Otomo New York
2013 Secretly, Greatly 은밀하게 위대하게 (  South Korea Jang Cheol-soo International
2013 A Story of Yonosuke 横道世之介  Japan Shuichi Okita North American
2005 Taiwan Black Movies 台灣黑電影  Taiwan Hou Chi-jan
2013 Tales From The Dark Part 1 迷離夜  Hong Kong Simon Yam; Fruit Chan; Lee Chi-ngai World
2012 Thermae Romae テルマエ・ロマエ  Japan Hideki Takeuchi New York
2010 The Unjust 부당거래  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan
2013 Very Ordinary Couple 연애의 온도  South Korea Roh Deok North American
2012 Vesuvius  Philippines Erik Matti
2011 The Warped Forest あさっての森  Japan Shunichiro Miki U.S. Continental
2012 When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep 南方小羊牧場  Taiwan Hou Chi-jan New York
1982 Woman Revenger aka The Nude Body Case In Tokyo 女性的復仇  Taiwan Tsai Yang-ming
1996 Young and Dangerous 古惑仔之人在江湖  Hong Kong Andrew Lau
1996 Young and Dangerous 2 古惑仔之猛龍過江  Hong Kong Andrew Lau

"Korean Short Film Madness" was showcased with short films from the 11th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival as part of the New York Asian Film Festival. The following films were available for view on DramaFever:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2012 Who Killed Gong Jung-Wha? 누가 공정화를 죽였나?  South Korea Han Ji-Hye
2012 Cheong 청이  South Korea Kim Jung-In
2011 Pandora 판도라  South Korea Heo Myeong-Haeng
2012 Green Slime 녹색물질  South Korea Kwon Oh-Kwang
2011 Anesthesia 마취  South Korea Kim Souk-Young
2013 The Professional Demonstrators  South Korea Hwang Hyun-jin
2012 The Visitor 가정방문  South Korea Kim Bo-young
2012 Poison Frog 독개구리  South Korea Koh Jung-wook
2012 You Promised Me 어떤 약속  South Korea Pil Gam-sung


Screenings were held from July 29–15, 2012 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2012 A Simple Life 桃姐  Hong Kong Ann Hui
2012 Ace Attorney 逆転裁判  Japan Takashi Miike New York
2012 All About My Wife 내 아내의 모든 것  South Korea Min Kyu-Dong New York
2012 Asura アシュラ  Japan Keiichi Sato North American
2012 The Big Gun 大拳銃  Japan Hajime Ohata North American
2011 Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley 철암계곡의 혈투  South Korea Ji Ha Jean North American
1983 The Boxer's Omen  Hong Kong Kuei Chih-hung
2011 Couples 커플즈  South Korea Jeong Yong-Ki New York
2005 Crying Fist 주먹이 운다  South Korea Ryu Seung-wan
2011 Dead Bite ก้านคอกัด  Thailand Joey Boy North American
2012 Din Tao: Leader of the Parade 阵头  Taiwan Kai Feng North American
2012 Doomsday Book 인류멸망보고서  South Korea Kim Jee-woon, Yim Pil-sung North American
2011 Dragon 武侠  Hong Kong  China Peter Chan New York
2011 East Meets West 2011 東成西就2011  Hong Kong Jeff Lau Chun-Wai North American
2011 Failan 파이란  South Korea Song Hae-Sung
1972 Five Fingers of Death a.k.a. King Boxer 天下第一拳  Hong Kong Jeong Chang-hwa
1968 Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell 吸血鬼ゴケミドロ  Japan Hajime Sato
2011 Golden Slumbers  France  Cambodia Davy Chou New York
2012 Guns and Roses 黄金大劫案  China Ning Hao North American
2012 Gyo, Fish Attack ギョ  Japan Takayuki Hirao New York
2011 Hard Romanticker ハードロマンチッカー  Japan Gu Su-yeon New York
2012 Henge へんげ  Japan Hajime Ohata North American
2011 Honey Pupu 消失打看  Taiwan Hung-i Chen New York
2002 Infernal Affairs 無間道  Hong Kong Andrew Lau
2003 Infernal Affairs 2 無間道 II  Hong Kong Andrew Lau
2005 Kill Zone (SPL: Sha Po Lang) 殺破狼  Hong Kong Wilson Yip
1972 King Boxer (The Five Fingers of Death) 天下第一拳  Hong Kong Jeong Chang-hwa
2011 The King of Pigs 돼지의 왕  South Korea Yeon Sang-Ho New York
2012 Let's Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club 先生を流産させる会  Japan Eisuke Naito North American
2011 The Lost Bladesman 关云长  China,  Hong Kong Felix Chong, Alan Mak New York
2012 Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明  Hong Kong Pang Ho-Cheung
2011 Love Strikes! モテキ  Japan Hitoshi Ohne North American
2011 Make Up 命运化妆师  Taiwan Yi-chi Lien North American
1988 Miami Connection  South Korea Richard Park, Y.K.Kim
2012 Monsters Club モンスターズクラブ  Japan Toshiaki Toyoda US
2012 Nameless Gangster 범죄와의 전쟁 : 나쁜놈들 전성시대  South Korea Yoon Jong-Bin
2011 Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你妈  Malaysia Namewee North American
2003 Old Boy 올드보이  South Korea Park Chan-wook
2012 Pang Ho-Cheung's First Attempt  Hong Kong Pang Ho-cheung North American
2012 Potechi ポテチ  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura North American
2011 Red Vacance Black Wedding 붉은 바캉스 검은 웨딩  South Korea Park Chul-Soo, Kim Tae-Sik North American
2010 Sacrifice 赵氏孤儿  China Chen Kaige New York
2011 Scabbard Samurai さや侍  Japan Hitoshi Matsumoto North American
2010 Secret Love 비밀애  South Korea Ryu Hoon North American
2011 Smuggler スマグラー おまえの未来を運べ  Japan Katsuhito Ishii New York
2011 Starry Starry Night 星空  Taiwan Tom Lin New York
1971 The Swift Knight 來如風  Hong Kong Jeong Chang-Hwa
2011 The Sword Identity 倭寇的踪迹  China Haofeng Xu New York
2011 Tokyo Playboy Club 東京プレイボーイクラブ  Japan Yosuke Okuda New York
2011 Tormented ラビット・ホラー3D  Japan Takashi Shimizu New York
2012 Vulgaria 低俗喜剧  Hong Kong Pang Ho-cheung North American
2011 War of the Arrows 최종병기 활  South Korea Kim Han-Min New York
2011 Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 1 & 2 赛德克·巴莱  Taiwan Te-Sheng Wei
2011 You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我们一起追的女孩  Taiwan Giddens Ko New York
2011 Zero Man vs. The Half Virgin 半分処女とゼロ男  Japan Sakichi Sato North American

"Korean Short Film Madness" was showcased with short films from the 10th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival as part of the New York Asian Film Festival. The following films were screened:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2011 Night Fishing 파란만장  South Korea Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong
2011 The Hideout 소굴  South Korea Lee Chang-hee
2010 Heart  South Korea Erick Oh
2011 The Lucky Gumboy 행운동 껌소년  South Korea Choi Shin-choon
2011 Finis Operis 불멸의 사나이  South Korea Moon Byoung-gon


Screenings were held from July 1–14, 2011 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2010 13 Assassins 十三人の刺客  Japan Takashi Miike New York
2011 Abraxas アブラクサスの祭  Japan Naoki Kato New York
2010 BKO: Bangkok Knockout โคตรสู้ โคตรโส  Thailand Panna Rittikrai New York
2002 B.T.S. (Better Than Sex) 愛情靈藥  Taiwan Chao-Bin Su
2000 Battle Royale バトル・ロワイアル  Japan Kinji Fukasaku
2011 Battlefield Heroes 평양성  South Korea Lee Joon-ik New York
2010 Bedevilled 김복남 살인사건의 전말  South Korea Jang Cheol-soo New York
1995 The Blade  Hong Kong Tsui Hark
2010 A Boy and His Samurai ちょんまげぷりん  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura North American
2010 Buddha Mountain 观音山  China Li Yu North American
2000 The Cabbie 运转手之恋  Taiwan Yiwen Chen, Huakun Zhang
2008 The Chaser 추격자  South Korea Na Hong-jin
2006 The City of Violence 짝패  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan
2010 Dark On Dark  Japan Makoto Ohtake International
2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 狄仁傑 之 通天帝國  China Hong Kong Tsui Hark
1992 Dragon Inn 新龍門客棧  Hong Kong Raymond Lee
1983 Duel to the Death 生死決  Hong Kong Ching Siu-tung
2010 Foxy Festival 페스티발  South Korea Lee Hae-young North American
2011 Gantz  Japan Shinsuke Sato
2011 Gantz: Perfect Answer  Japan Shinsuke Sato
2010 Haunters 초능력자  South Korea Kim Min-Seok New York
2010 Heaven's Story ヘヴンズ ストーリー  Japan Takahisa Zeze North American
2010 Horny House of Horror ファッション·ヘル(ス)  Japan Jun Tsugita North American
2011 Karate-Robo Zaborgar 電人ザボーガー  Japan Noboru Iguchi New York
2011 The Last Days of the World 世界最後の日々  Japan Eiji Uchida World
2010 Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano 名前のない女たち  Japan Hisayasu Satō North American
2010 Machete Maidens Unleashed!  Philippines  Australia Mark Hartley
2010 The Man from Nowhere 아저씨  South Korea Lee Jeong-beom
2011 Milocrorze - A Love Story ミロクローゼ  Japan Yoshimasa Ishibashi North American
2011 Ninja Kids!!! 忍たま乱太郎  Japan Takashi Miike World
2010 Ocean Heaven 海洋天堂  China Hong Kong Xue Xiaolu New York
2011 Osamu Tezuka's Buddha: The Great Departure 手塚治虫のブッダ 赤い砂漠よ!美しく  Japan Kozo Morishita North American
2011 Punished 報應  Hong Kong Law Wing-cheung North American
1982 Raw Force  Philippines United States Edward D. Murphy
2010 The Recipe 된장  South Korea Lee Seo-Goon New York
2010 Reign of Assassins 剑雨  China Hong Kong  Taiwan Chao-Bin Su; John Woo New York
1991 Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky 力王  Hong Kong Lam Ngai Kai
2011 Ringing in Their Ears 劇場版 神聖かまってちゃん ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ  Japan Yu Irie International
2008 Sell Out! 货已售完  Malaysia Yeo Joon Han
2011 Shaolin 新少林寺  China Hong Kong Benny Chan North American
2010 Troubleshooter 해결사  South Korea Kwon Hyeok-Jae New York
2010 The Unjust 부당거래  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan New York
2000 Versus ヴァーサス  Japan Ryuhei Kitamura
2011 Yakuza Weapon 極道兵器  Japan Tak Sakaguchi; Yūdai Yamaguchi New York
2010 The Yellow Sea 황해  South Korea Na Hong-jin New York
1983 Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain 新蜀山劍俠  Hong Kong Tsui Hark

The 11th New York Asian Film Festival presented the following films from the 9th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival:

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2009 Master Piece 마스터피스  South Korea Choi Wan-Jae International
2010 The Most Beautiful 가장 아름다운  South Korea Hwang Sang-Jun International
2010 The Key 열쇠  South Korea Kim Hyun-Chul International
2009 Entering The Mind Through The Mouth 고양이 입속으로 뛰어들다  South Korea Choi Jin sung International
2010 The Brass Quintet 더 브라스 퀸텟  South Korea Yoo Dae-Eol International
2010 Tunnel 터널  South Korea Kim Saino International
2009 Debris 데브리스  South Korea No. 474 (Choi Bong-jun, Lee Han-bit, Kim Yong-min) International
2009 Familyship 호로자식을 위하여  South Korea Yoon Hye-Ryeom International
2009 My mom's Great Kimchi Stew 엄마의 커다란 김치찌개  South Korea Han Seung-Hun International
2009 C-Kal 씨칼  South Korea Kim Tae-Yoon International
2010 Mr. Tap's Holiday 간만에 나온 종각이  South Korea Lee Sang-Geun International


Screenings were held from June 25 - July 8, 2010 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the IFC Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2009 8000 Miles SR サイタマノラッパー  Japan Yu Irie North American
2010 8000 Miles 2: Girl Rapper SRサイタマノラッパー2 女子ラッパー☆傷だらけのライム  Japan Yu Irie North American
2009 Actresses 여배우들  South Korea E J-Yong New York
2010 Alien vs. Ninja AVN/エイリアンVSニンジャ  Japan Seiji Chiba World
2009 Annyong Yumika あんにょん由美香  Japan Tetsuaki Matsue North American
2010 Blades of Blood 구르믈 버서난 달처럼  South Korea Lee Joon-Ik International
2009 The Blood of Rebirth 蘇りの血  Japan Toshiaki Toyoda New York
2009 Bodyguards and Assassins 十月围城  China Hong Kong Teddy Chan New York
2010 Boys on the Run ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン  Japan Daisuke Miura North American
2009 Castaway on the Moon 김씨표류기  South Korea Lee Hae-Jun New York
2009 Chaw 차우  South Korea Shin Jeong-Won North American
2010 Confessions 告白  Japan Tetsuya Nakashima International
2009 Cow 斗牛  China Hu Guan U.S.
2009 Crazy Racer 疯狂的赛车  China Ning Hao New York
2010 Death Kappa  Japan Tomoo Haraguchi World
2009 Dear Doctor ディア・ドクター  Japan Miwa Nishikawa New York
2010 Development Hell  Hong Kong Hiroshi Fukazawa New York
2010 Doman Seman 堀川中立売  Japan Go Shibata World
1987 Eastern Condors  Hong Kong Sammo Hung
2010 Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷  Hong Kong Alex Law North American
2010 Gallants 打擂台  Hong Kong Chi-kin Kwok, Clement Sze-Kit Cheng North American
2009 Golden Slumber ゴールデンスランバー  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura New York
2007 Groper Train: School Uniform Hunter  Japan Yōjirō Takita
2008 Ip Man 葉問  Hong Kong Wilson Yip
2010 Ip Man 2 葉問2:宗師傳奇  Hong Kong Wilson Yip North American
2004 Japanese Wife Next Door Part 2  Japan Yutaka Ikejima
2009 Kung Fu Chefs 功夫厨神  Hong Kong Wing-Kin Yip North American
1986 L.A. Streetfighters  South Korea Woo-sang Park
2010 Little Big Soldier 大兵小将  China  Hong Kong Sheng Ding New York
2009 A Little Pond 작은 연못  South Korea Lee Sang-Woo International
2010 Live Tape  Japan North American
2008 Merantau Warrior  Indonesia Gareth Evans New York
2010 Mutant Girls Squad 戦闘少女 血の鉄仮面伝説  Japan Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Tak Sakaguchi International
2009 Power Kids 5 หัวใจฮีโร่  Thailand Krissanapong Rachata
2009 Raging Phoenix จีจ้า ดื้อสวยดุ  Thailand Rashane Limtrakul New York
2008 Red Cliff 赤壁  China  Hong Kong John Woo
2010 Sawako Decides 川の底からこんにちは  Japan Yuya Ishii New York
2008 Scandal Makers 과속스캔들  South Korea Kang Hyung-Chul New York
2009 Sophie's Revenge 菲常完美 / 소피의 연애매뉴얼  China  South Korea Yimeng Jin (Eva Jin) New York
2009 Symbol しんぼる  Japan Hitoshi Matsumoto New York
2010 Secret Reunion 의형제  South Korea Jang Hun
2009 The Storm Warriors - The Storm Riders 2 风云Ⅱ  Hong Kong Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang U.S.
2009 Tian An Men 天安门  China Daying Ye International
2009 Yatterman ヤッターマン  Japan Takashi Miike

The 10th New York Asian Film Festival presented the following films from the 8th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2009 Interview With A Courteous Murderer 예의바른 살인범과의 인터뷰  South Korea Jeon Byeong-Deock
2009 Let Me Know Your Phone Number 전화번호가 필요해!!  South Korea Kim Jong-Hoon
2009 Prelude to an Emotional Fight 정서적 싸움3-감성적 싸움 전초전  South Korea Shin Jae-Young, Kim Dong-hu
2009 Shall We Take A Walk? 산책가  South Korea Kim Young-Geun, Kim Yae-young
2009 His Name Is Trevor 그의 이름은 트레버  South Korea Kim Seuk-Hwan
2009 Mom's Holiday 엄마의 휴가  South Korea Kim Kwang-Bok
2009 Metal Movie 메탈 무비  South Korea Park Kyung-Kun
2009 Dust Kid 먼지 아이  South Korea Jung Yu-Mi
2009 Mate  South Korea Jason Lee
2009 Drink & Confess  South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyun
2009 Me Four Inch Precious 나의 사랑스러운 4인치 그녀  South Korea Sim Sou-Yun
2009 Don't Step Out Of The House 남매의 집  South Korea Jo Sung-Hee


Screenings were held from June 19 - July 5, 2009 at the IFC Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2008 20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End 20世紀少年  Japan Yukihiko Tsutsumi New York
2009 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope 20世紀少年 第二章 / 20世紀少年<第2章> 最後の希望  Japan Yukihiko Tsutsumi New York
2008 All Around Us  Japan Ryōsuke Hashiguchi New York
2008 Antique 서양골동양과자점 엔티크  South Korea Min Kyu-dong New York
2008 Be a Man! Samurai School 魁!!男塾  Japan Tak Sakaguchi New York
2009 Be Sure to Share ちゃんと伝える  Japan Sion Sono World
2005 Blind Love ブラインド・ラブ わいせつステージ  Japan Daisuke Goto
2008 Breathless 똥파리  South Korea Yang Ik-june North American
2008 Cape No. 7 海角七號  Taiwan Wei Te-sheng New York
2008 Children of the Dark 闇の子供たち  Japan Junji Sakamoto
2008 Climber's High クライマーズ・ハイ  Japan Masato Harada North American
2009 The Clone Returns Home クローンは故郷をめざす  Japan Kanji Nakajima New York
2008 Crush and Blush 미쓰 홍당무  South Korea Lee Kyoung-mi New York
2008 Dachimawa Lee 다찌마와 리 - 악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라!  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan North American
2008 Dream 비몽  South Korea Kim Ki-duk North American
2008 An Empress and the Warriors 江山美人  Hong Kong Ching Siu-tung North American
2008 The Equation of Love and Death 李米的猜想  China Cao Baoping New York
2007 Exodus 出埃及記  China Pang Ho-cheung New York
2007 Eye in the Sky 跟蹤 (電影)  Hong Kong Yau Nai-hoi New York
2009 Fish Story フィッシュストーリー  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura North American
1978 Five Deadly Venoms 五毒  Hong Kong Chang Cheh
2009 The Forbidden Door Pintu Terlarang  Indonesia Joko Anwar North American
2009 Gehara: The Long Haired Giant Monster 長髪大怪獣 ゲハラ  Japan Kiyotaka Taguchi International
2008 Go Go 70s 고고70  South Korea Choi Ho North American
1984 Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl 痴漢電車 下着検札  Japan Yōjirō Takita
1984 Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio 痴漢電車 ちんちん発車  Japan Yōjirō Takita
2009 High Noon  Hong Kong Heiward Mak New York
2008 Hard Revenge Milly ハード・リベンジ、ミリー  Japan Takanori Tsujimoto North American
2009 Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle ハード・リベンジ、ミリー~ブラッディバトル  Japan Takanori Tsujimoto North American
1977 House ハウス  Japan Nobuhiko Obayashi
2008 If You Are the One 非诚勿扰  China Feng Xiaogang North American
2008 Ip Man 葉問  Hong Kong Wilson Yip North American
2004 The Japanese Wife Next Door Part 1  Japan Yutaka Ikejima
2008 K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces K-20 怪人二十面相・伝  Japan Shimako Satō New York
2009 Lala Pipo: A Lot of People ララピポ  Japan Masayuki Miyano North American
1998 The Longest Nite 暗花  Hong Kong Patrick Yau; Johnnie To
2009 Love Exposure 愛のむきだし  Japan Sion Sono New York
2008 Magazine Gap Road 馬己仙峽道  Hong Kong Nicholas Chin New York
2008 The Magic Hour ザ・マジックアワー  Japan Kōki Mitani New York
2008 The Monster X Strikes Back:Attack the G8 Summit ギララの逆襲 洞爺湖サミット危機一発  Japan Minoru Kawasaki North American
2009 Old Fish  China Gao Qunshu North American
2009 Plastic City 荡寇  Hong Kong Yu Lik-wai US Premiere of Uncut version
2009 Pride プライド  Japan Shusuke Kaneko North American
2009 Quick Gun Murugun  India Shashanka Ghosh New York
2008 The Rainbow Troops Laskar pelangi  Indonesia Riri Riza New York
2008 Rough Cut 영화는 영화다  South Korea Jang Hoon North American
2009 Samurai Princess サムライプリンセス 外道姫  Japan Kengo Kaji North American
2008 Snakes and Earrings 蛇にピアス  Japan Yukio Ninagawa North American
2009 Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms 机动部队 - 同袍  Hong Kong Law Wing-cheung North American
2008 Tokyo Gore Police 東京残酷警察  Japan Yoshihiro Nishimura
2008 Tokyo Gore Laborer 東京残酷ドカタ  Japan Yoshiki Takahashi
2008 The Heroine of My Adolescene ザヒロインオブマイアドウレセンス  Japan Asuka Ishii
2008 63 Minutes In The Movie...  Japan Yoshihiro Nishimura
2008 Vacation 休暇  Japan Hajime Kadoi New York
2009 Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl 吸血少女対少女フランケン  Japan Yoshihiro Nishimura, Naoyuki Tomomatsu World
2007 The Warlords 投名狀  Hong Kong  China Peter Chan New York
2009 Written By 再生号  Hong Kong Wai Ka-fai World
2008 When the Full Moon Rises Kala malam bulan mengambang  Malaysia Mamat Khalid North American
2009 Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie 鎧 サムライゾンビ  Japan Tak Sakaguchi New York

The 9th New York Asian Film Festival presented the following films from the 7th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2008 Love is Protein  South Korea Yeon Sang-ho
2008 Auld Lang Sune 올드 랭 사인  South Korea So Joon-Moon
2008 Eden 에덴  South Korea Kim Hye-Won
2008 Lioness(es) 암사자(들)  South Korea Hong Jae-Hee
2008 Shaggy-Dog Story 이제는 말할 수 있다  South Korea Jeong Seung-Koo
2008 Stop 스탑  South Korea Park Jae-Ok
2008 The Unbearable Heaviness of Nagging 잔소리  South Korea Choi Jeong-Yeol
2007 Wanted 원티드  South Korea Kim Woon-Ki
2008 Enemy's Apple 적의 사과  South Korea Lee Su-jin
2007 A Coffee Vending Machine 무림일검의 사생활  South Korea Chang Hyung-Yun, Shim Gap-seop


Screenings were held from June 20 - July 6, 2008 at the IFC Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2007 Accuracy of Death 死神の精度 (Sweet Rain)  Japan Masaya Kakei New York
2008 Action Boys 우린 액션배우다  South Korea Jung Byung-gil International
2007 Adrift in Tokyo 転々  Japan Satoshi Miki North American
2005 Always: Sunset on Third Street ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日  Japan Takashi Yamazaki
2007 Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 ALWAYS 続・三丁目の夕日  Japan Takashi Yamazaki New York
2007 Assembly 集結號  China Feng Xiaogang North American
2006 ARCH ANGELS 笑う大天使(ミカエル)  Japan Issei Oda New York
2004 The Bodyguard บอดี้การ์ดหน้าเหลี่ยม  Thailand Panna Rittikrai; Mum Jokmok New York
2007 The Bodyguard 2 บอดี้การ์ดหน้าเหลี่ยม 2  Thailand Panna Rittikrai; Mum Jokmok North American
2007 The Butcher 도살자  South Korea Kim Jin-won International
2008 OneChanbara お姉チャンバラ The Movie  Japan Yohei Fukuda International
2007 Dainipponjin 大日本人 (Big Man Japan)  Japan Hitoshi Matsumoto New York
2007 Dog In A Sidecar サイドカーに犬  Japan Kichitaro Negishi North American
2007 Dororo どろろ  Japan Akihiko Shiota North American
2007 Fine, Totally Fine 全然大丈夫  Japan Yosuke Fujita North American
2007 Happiness 행복  South Korea Hur Jin-ho US
2007 Kala  Indonesia Joko Anwar US
2007 King Naresuan  Thailand Chatrichalerm Yukol US
2007 King Naresuan 2  Thailand Chatrichalerm Yukol New York
2007 L: Change the World Lの本当の秘密  Japan Hideo Nakata North American
2007 Like a Dragon 龍が如く 劇場版  Japan Takashi Miike
2006 Love On Sunday 恋する日曜日  Japan Ryūichi Hiroki North American
2007 Love On Sunday 2: Last Words 恋する日曜日 私。恋した  Japan Ryūichi Hiroki North American
2007 M  South Korea Lee Myung-se US
2007 Mad Detective 神探  Hong Kong Johnnie To; Wai Ka-fai New York
2008 The Most Beautiful Night In The World 世界で一番美しい夜  Japan Daisuke Tengan International
2008 Public Enemy Returns 강철중: 공공의 적 1-1  South Korea Kang Woo-suk International
2007 The Rebel  Vietnam Charlie Nguyen New York
2003 Retro Game Master: Ghosts & Goblins ゲームセンターCX  Japan
2003 Retro Game Master: Mystery of Atlantis ゲームセンターCX  Japan
2007 Sad Vacation サッド ヴァケイション  Japan Shinji Aoyama US
2008 Sasori さそり  Hong Kong  Japan Joe Ma North American
2007 The Shadow Spirit 魍魎の匣  Japan Masato Harada North American
2007 Shadows in the Palace 궁녀  South Korea Kim Mee-jeung New York
2008 Shamo 军鸡  Hong Kong Cheang Pou-soi North American
2008 Sparrow 文雀  Hong Kong Johnnie To; Wai Ka-fai New York
2006 Strawberry Shortcakes ストロベリーショートケイクス  Japan Hitoshi Yazaki New York
2007 Sukiyaki Western Django キヤキ・ウエスタン ジャンゴ  Japan Takashi Miike New York
2008 Tamami: The Baby's Curse 赤んぼ少女  Japan Yūdai Yamaguchi International
2008 Then Summer Came たみおのしあわせ  Japan Ryo Iwamatsu World
2007 The World Of Ours 俺たちの世界  Japan Ryo Nakajima New York
2008 Tokyo Gore Police 東京残酷警察  Japan Yoshihiro Nishimura North American
2007 United Red Army 実録・連合赤軍 あさま山荘への道程(みち)  Japan Kōji Wakamatsu North American
2007 X-Cross エクスクロス 魔境伝説  Japan Kenta Fukasaku New York
2008 Yasukuni 靖国  Japan  China Li Ying New York

The 8th New York Asian Film Festival presented the following films from the 6th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2006 Son's 아들의 것  South Korea Lee Su-jin
2006 Art of War 단편 손자병법  South Korea Kwon Hyeok-Jae
2007 Sam Peckinpah: A Retrospective 샘 퍼킨파 회고전  South Korea Chun Nam-Suk
2007 How To Make A Motion Picture  South Korea Lim Sung-Hyun
2007 Everyone, Shut Up! 수다쟁이들  South Korea Ko Tae-Jeong
2007 The French Lieutenant's Wife 프랑스 중위의 여자  South Korea Baek Seung-Bin
2007 Watermellon Chicken 수박 병아리  South Korea Won Jong-Shik
2007 A Puppy, Our Family 가족 같은 개, 개 같은 가족  South Korea Park Soo-Young & Park Jae-Young


Screenings were held from June 22 - July 8, 2007 at the IFC Center and Japan Society.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2006 Aachi & Ssipak 아치와 씨팍  South Korea Jo Boem-jin New York
2006 After This Our Exile (父子  Hong Kong Patrick Tam New York
2006 The Banquet 夜宴  China Feng Xiaogang New York
2006 Big Bang Love, Juvenile A 46億年の恋  Japan Takashi Miike US
2006 The City of Violence 짝패  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan New York
2006 Cruel Winter Blues 열혈남아  South Korea Lee Jeong-beom New York
2006 Dasepo Naughty Girls 다세포 소녀  South Korea E J-yong New York
2006 Death Note デスノート  Japan Shusuke Kaneko New York
2006 Death Note 2: The Last Name デスノート the Last name  Japan Shusuke Kaneko New York
2006 Dog Bite Dog 狗咬狗  Hong Kong Soi Cheang New York
2006 Dynamite Warrior ฅนไฟบิน  Thailand Chalerm Wongpim North American
2007 Exte エクステ  Japan Sion Sono North American
2006 Exiled 放‧逐  Hong Kong Johnnie To
2007 Freesia (Bullets Over Tears) フリージア  Japan Kazuyoshi Kumakiri North American
2006 Gamera the Brave 小さき勇者たち~ガメラ  Japan Ryuta Tasaki New York
2007 Getting Home 落叶归根  China Zhang Yang New York
1992 Hard Boiled 辣手神探  Hong Kong John Woo
2006 Hula Girls フラガール  Japan Lee Sang-il
2006 Hell's Ground Zibahkhana  Pakistan Omar Khan New York
2006 I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK 싸이보그지만 괜찮아  South Korea Park Chan-wook New York
2007 Miracle on 1st Street 1번가의 기적  South Korea Yoon Je-kyoon New York
2006 Memories of Matsuko 嫌われ松子の一生  Japan Tetsuya Nakashima North American
2005 Never Belongs To Me 삼거리 무스탕 소년의 최후  South Korea Nam Ki-woong North American
2006 Nightmare Detective 悪夢探偵  Japan Shinya Tsukamoto New York
2006 Retribution  Japan Kiyoshi Kurosawa
2007 The Show Must Go On 우아한 세계  South Korea Han Jae-rim North American
2006 Traces of Love 가을로  South Korea Kim Dae-seung North American
2006 Trouble Makers 光荣的愤怒  China Cao Baoping US
2006 Yo-Yo Girl Cop スケバン刑事 コードネーム=麻宮サキ  Japan Kenta Fukasaku North American
2004 Zebraman ゼブラーマン  Japan Takashi Miike US

The 7th New York Asian Film Festival presented following films from the 5th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival:

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2006 Do You Wanna Baby? 베이베를 워하세요?  South Korea Lee Sang-geun
2006 Gahee & B.H. 가희와 BH  South Korea Shing Dong-seok
2005 2 Minutes 2분  South Korea Jung Tae-kyung
2006 Illegal Parking 불법주차  South Korea Jeong Chung-hwan
2006 My Small Doll House 나의 작은 인형상자  South Korea Jung Yu-mi
2006 Good Girl 착한 아이  South Korea Kang Hae-yun
2006 Hae Woo So 해우소  South Korea Choi Byeong-hwan
2006 Burning Coals On His Head  South Korea Cho Hyoung-chan
2001 A Talented Boy Lee Jun Seop  South Korea Shin Jane
2002 Adolescence  South Korea Jae Chang-gyu
2004 Memories of Oldboy  South Korea Kim Min-suk
2005 About A Bad Boy  South Korea Park Shin-woo
2004 How To Operate A Polaroid Camera  South Korea Kim Jong-kwan
2005 The Freaking Family  South Korea Park Soo-young


Screenings were held from June 16 - July 1, 2006 at Anthology Film Archives and The ImaginAsian.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2004 Ab Tak Chhappan  India Shimit Amin New York
2005 Always - Sunset On Third Street ALWAYS 続・三丁目の夕日  Japan Takashi Yamazaki North American
2005 Art of the Devil 2 ลองของ  Thailand The Ronin Team US
2005 Beetle, The Horn King 兜王ビートル  Japan Minoru Kawasaki US
2005 A Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생  South Korea Kim Jee-won New York
2005 Blood Rain 혈의 누  South Korea Kim Dae-seung US
2002 Company  India Ram Gopal Varma
2005 Cromartie High School 魁!!クロマティ高校  Japan Yudai Yamaguchi New York
2005 Duelist 형사  South Korea Lee Myung-se New York
2004 Ek Hasina Thi  India Sriram Raghavan
2004 Feathers in the Wind  South Korea Song Il-gon North American
2005 Funky Forest: The First Contact ナイスの森 THE FIRST CONTACT  Japan Katsuhito Ishii New York
2005 Gangster  Malaysia Bade Haji Azmi US
2005 The Great Yokai War 妖怪大戦争  Japan Takashi Miike New York
2004 Hair  South Korea Jang Jun-hwan World
2005 It's Only Talk  Japan Ryūichi Hiroki New York
2006 Krrish कृष  India Rakesh Roshan US
2005 Linda Linda Linda リンダ リンダ リンダ  Japan Nobuhiro Yamashita New York
2005 The Magicians 마법사들  South Korea Song Il-gon North American
2005 Oh! My Zombie Mermaid あゝ!一軒家プロレス  Japan Naoki Kudo US
2004 Pacchigi! We Shall Overcome Someday パッチギ!  Japan Kazuyuki Izutsu US
2005 Peacock 孔雀  China Gu Changwei New York
2005 Shinobi  Japan Ten Shimoyama New York
2005 Shiva  India Ram Gopal Varma World
2005 Ski Jumping Pairs: Road to Torino 2006 スキージャンプ・ペア ~Road to TORINO 2006  Japan Riichiro Mashima, Masaki Kobayashi US
2006 Ski Jumping Pairs 2007: Flying Test  Japan Riichiro Mashima
2005 A Stranger of Mine 運命じゃない人  Japan Kenji Uchida US
2006 Umizaru 2: Test of Trust Limit of Love 海猿  Japan Eiichiro Hasumi International
2005 Welcome to Dongmakgol 웰컴 투 동막골  South Korea Park Kwang-hyun US


Screenings were held from June 17 - July 2, 2005 at Anthology Film Archives and The ImaginAsian.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2004 Arahan 아라한 장풍 대작전  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan New York
2005 Crazy N' the City 神经侠侣  Hong Kong James Yuen North American
2005 Crying Fist 주먹이 운다  South Korea Ryoo Seung-wan North American
2004 Electric Shadows 夢影童年  China Xiao Jiang North American
2004 A Family 가족  South Korea Lee Jeong-cheol North American
2004 Gagamboy  Philippines Erik Matti US
2004 Godzilla Final Wars ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ  Japan Ryuhei Kitamura New York
2003 Green Chair 녹색 의자  South Korea Park Chul-soo US
2004 Hana and Alice 花とアリス  Japan Shunji Iwai New York
2003 Josee, the Tiger and the Fish ジョゼと虎と魚たち  Japan Isshin Inudo New York
2004 Kamikaze Girls 下妻物語――ヤンキーちゃんとロリータちゃん  Japan Tetsuya Nakashima New York
2004 Karaoke Terror 昭和歌謡大全集  Japan Tetsuya Nakashima New York
2004 Kekexili: Mountain Patrol 可可西里  China Lu Chuan New York
2004 Late Bloomer おそいひと  Japan Go Shibata New York
2005 Marathon 말아톤  South Korea Jeong Yoon-cheol International
2005 Marebito 稀人  Japan Takashi Shimizu New York
2004 Mind Game マインド・ゲーム  Japan Masaaki Yuasa International
2005 My Brother Nikhil  India Onir
2004 One Night in Mongkok 旺角黑夜  Hong Kong Derek Yee New York
2004 P  Thailand Paul Spurrier US
2005 Princess Raccoon オペレッタ狸御殿  Japan Seijun Suzuki North American
2004 R-Point 알 포인트  South Korea Kong Su-chang New York
2004 Samaritan Girl 사마리아  South Korea Kim Ki-duk US
2002 A Snake of June 六月の蛇  Japan Shinya Tsukamoto North American
2004 Someone Special 아는 여자  South Korea Jang Jin New York
2004 Survive Style 5+  Japan Gen Sekiguchi New York
2004 The Taste of Tea 茶の味  Japan Katsuhito Ishii US
2004 Tetsujin-28 鉄人28号  Japan Shin Togashi North American
2004 Three...Extremes 三更2 (Chinese) 쓰리, 몬스터 (Korean) 美しい夜、残酷な朝 (Japan)  Hong Kong  South Korea  Japan Takashi Miike, Park Chan-wook, Fruit Chan New York
2004 University of Laughs 笑の大学  Japan Mamoru Hoshi North American
2003 Vital ヴィタール  Japan Shinya Tsukamoto


Screenings were held from June 18–27, 2004 at Anthology Film Archives.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
2003 Antenna アンテナ  Japan Kazuyoshi Kumakiri US
2003 Azumi あずみ  Japan Ryuhei Kitamura New York
2003 OK Baytong โอเค เบตง  Thailand Nonzee Nimibutr New York
2004 Dance with the Wind 바람의 전설  South Korea Park Jung-woo North American
2003 Doppelganger ドッペルゲンガー  Japan Kiyoshi Kurosawa New York
2002 Drive ドッペルゲンガー  Japan Sabu New York
2002 Hero 英雄  China Zhang Yimou New York
2002 Infernal Affairs 無間道系列  Hong Kong Andrew Lau; Alan Mak
2003 Juon: The Grudge 呪怨じゅおん  Japan Takashi Shimizu
2003 Juon: The Grudge 2 呪怨じゅおん2  Japan Takashi Shimizu US
2003 Legend of the Evil Lake 천년호  South Korea Lee Gwang-hun New York
2003 Like Asura 阿修羅のごとく  Japan Yoshimitsu Morita US
2003 Macabre Case of Prom Pi Ram คืนบาป พรหมพิราม  Thailand Manop Udomdej US
2004 Marronnier マロニエ  Japan Hideyuki Kobayashi New York
2003 Please Teach Me English 영어완전정복  South Korea Kim Sung-su New York
2003 The Road Taken 선택  South Korea Hong Gi-seon New York
2003 Running on Karma 大隻佬  Hong Kong Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai New York
2004 Umizaru 海猿  Japan Eiichiro Hasumi International
2003 Vibrator ヴァイブレータ  Japan Ryūichi Hiroki
2003 When the Last Sword is Drawn 壬生義士伝  Japan Yōjirō Takita US
1963 Zatoichi 3: New Tale of Zatoichi 新・座頭市物語  Japan Tokuzo Tanaka
1963 Zatoichi 4: The Fugitive 座頭市兇状旅  Japan Tokuzo Tanaka
1963 Zatoichi 5: On The Road 座頭市喧嘩旅  Japan Kimiyoshi Yasuda


Screenings were held from May 15–26, 2003 at Anthology Film Archives.[12]

Year Title Original Title Country Director Premiere Status
1997 Bounce Ko Gals バウンス ko GALS  Japan Masato Harada
2002 Break Out 라이터를 켜라  South Korea Jang Hang-jun International
1002 Company  India Ram Gopal Varma
2003 Double Agent 이중간첩  South Korea Kim Hyun-jeong International
2002 Double Vision 雙瞳  Taiwan Chen Kuo-fu New York
2002 Graveyard of Honor 新・仁義の墓場  Japan Takashi Miike New York
2001 Ichi the Killer 殺し屋1  Japan Takashi Miike
2002 Just One Look 一碌蔗  Hong Kong Riley Yip North American
2001 Killer Tattoo มือปืน/โลก/พระ/จัน  Thailand Yuthlert Sippapak New York
1993 The Bride with White Hair 白髮魔女傳  Hong Kong Ronny Yu
2002 My Beautiful Days 스물 넷  South Korea Im Jong-jae US
2002 Out  Japan Hideyuki Hirayama North American
2002 Over the Rainbow 오버 더 레인보우  South Korea Ahn Jin-woo North American
2002 Phone 더 폰  South Korea Ahn Byung-ki North American
2002 Ping Pong ピンポン  Japan Fumihiko Sori New York
2002 Resurrection of the Little Match Girl 성냥팔이 소녀의 재림  South Korea Jang Sun-woo US
2002 Runaway Pistol 走火槍  Hong Kong Lam Wah-Chuen North American
2002 So Close 夕陽天使  Hong Kong Corey Yuen New York
2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 복수는 나의 것  South Korea Park Chan-wook New York
2002 Too Young To Die 죽어도 좋아  South Korea Park Jin-pyo
2000 Versus VERSUS -ヴァーサス  Japan Ryuhei Kitamura


Screenings were held from April 26 - May 2, 2002 at Anthology Film Archives.[13]

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2001 Bang Rajan บางระจัน  Thailand Tanit Jitnukul
2000 Comeuppance 天有眼  Hong Kong Derek Chiu
1998 Dil Se.. दिल से  India Mani Ratnam
2000 Freeze Me フリーズ・ミー  Japan Takashi Ishii
1996 Gamera 2: The Advent of Legion ガメラ2 レギオン襲来  Japan Shusuke Kaneko
1999 Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris ガメラ3 邪神〈イリス〉覚醒  Japan Shusuke Kaneko
2001 Kick the Moon 신라의 달밤  South Korea Kim Sang-jin
2001 My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀  South Korea Kwak Jae-yong
2001 One Fine Spring Day 봄날은 간다  South Korea Hur Jin-ho
2001 Pistol Opera ピストルオペラ  Japan Seijun Suzuki
2001 Visitor Q ビジターQ  Japan Takashi Miike

Audience Award[edit]

(left to right) Grady Hendrix (New York Asian Film Festival founding member) and Alexandra Swords (radio personality)
Year Title Original Title Country Director
2002 My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀  South Korea Kwak Jae-yong
2003 Ping Pong ピンポン  Japan Fumihiko Sori
2004 Please Teach Me English 영어완전정복  South Korea Kim Sung-su
2005 The Taste of Tea 茶の味  Japan Katsuhito Ishii
2006 Always: Sunset on Third Street ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日  Japan Takashi Yamazaki
2007 Memories of Matsuko 嫌われ松子の一生  Japan Tetsuya Nakashima
2008 Fine, Totally Fine 全然大丈夫  Japan Yosuke Fujita
2009 The Magic Hour ザ・マジックアワー  Japan Kōki Mitani
2010 Gallants 打擂台  Hong Kong Derek Kwok,
Clement Cheng
Castaway on the Moon 김씨 표류기  South Korea Lee Hae-jun
2011 A Boy and His Samurai ちょんまげぷりん  Japan Yoshihiro Nakamura
2012 Ace Attorney 逆転裁判  Japan Takashi Miike
2013 Hentai Kamen[14] 変態仮面  Japan Yūichi Fukuda
2014 Uzumasa Limelight 太秦ライムライト  Japan Ken Ochiai
Zone Pro Site 總舖師:移動大廚  Taiwan Chen Yu-hsun
2015 The Royal Tailor 상의원  South Korea Lee Won-suk
2016 Too Young to Die! 若くして死ぬ  Japan Kankurō Kudō
2017 Close-Knit 彼らが本気で編むときは、  Japan Naoko Ogigami

Jury Award[edit]

Year Title Original Title Country Director
2008 Sad Vacation サッド ヴァケイション  Japan Shinji Aoyama
2009 Love Exposure 愛のむきだし  Japan Sion Sono
2017 Bad Genius ฉลาดเกมส์โกง  Thailand Nattawut Poonpiriya

Daniel A. Craft Award for Excellence in Action Cinema[edit]

Year Title Original Title Country Director/Actor
2013 Ip Man: The Final Fight[14] 葉問:終極一戰  Hong Kong Herman Yau
2014 The White Storm 掃毒  Hong Kong Benny Chan
2015 Vengeance of an Assassin ตัวอย่าง เร็วทะลุเร็ว  Thailand Panna Rittikrai
2016 The Bodyguard 特工爺爺  Hong Kong Yue Song[15]
2017 The Villainess 악녀  South Korea Jung Byung-gil[16]
Hapkido 合氣道  Hong Kong Angela Mao

Star Asia Award[edit]

Year Actor/Actress Country
2010 Simon Yam  Hong Kong
2012 Donnie Yen  Hong Kong
2014 Sandra Ng  Hong Kong
Sol Kyung-gu  South Korea
2015 Aaron Kwok  Hong Kong
2016 Miriam Yeung  Hong Kong[15]
Lee Byung-hun  South Korea[15]
John Lloyd Cruz  Philippines[15]
2017 Gang Dong-won  South Korea
2018 Kim Yoon-seok  South Korea
Jiang Wu  China

Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award[edit]

Year Actor/Actress Country
2011 Tsui Hark  China
2012 Jeong Chang-hwa  South Korea
2013 Jackie Chan  Hong Kong
Tsai Yang-ming  Taiwan
2014 Jimmy Wang Yu  Taiwan
2015 Ringo Lam  Hong Kong
2016 Shunji Iwai  Japan
2017 Tony Leung Ka-fai  Hong Kong
2018 Masato Harada  Japan

Star Hong Kong Lifetime Achievement Award[edit]

Year Actor/Actress Country
2017 Eric Tsang  Hong Kong

Screen International Rising Star Asia Award (a.k.a. Rising Star Award)[edit]

Year Actor/Actress Country
2009 Gong Hyo-jin  South Korea
So Ji-sub  South Korea
2010 Huang Bo  China
2011 Takayuki Yamada  Japan
2012 Masami Nagasawa  Japan
Michelle Chen  Taiwan
2013 Kim Go-eun  South Korea
2014 Fumi Nikaidō  Japan
2015 Shōta Sometani  Japan
2016 Gō Ayano  Japan[15]
Therese Malvar  Philippines[15]
Jelly Lin  China[15]
2017 Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying  Thailand
2018 Stephy Tang  Hong Kong

The Celebrity Award[edit]

Year Actor/Actress Country
2014 Park Joong-hoon  South Korea

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