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Elliot Goblet
Jack Levi as Elliot Goblet2.JPG
Jack Levi as Elliot Goblet
First appearance1981
Last appearancePresent
Created byJack Levi
Portrayed byJack Levi

Elliot Goblet is a comedy character created by the Australian comedian Jack Levi. The character is known for the deadpan delivery of one-line jokes. The style compares with the American comedian Steven Wright but developed independently[citation needed]. At first Goblet appeared with round glasses and a goatee beard, but the beard was later removed.

Created with assistance from Australian comedy teacher Pete Crofts, the Goblet character was launched onto the comedy scene with numerous TV performances on Hey Hey It's Saturday, The Midday Show, The Eleventh Hour, The Footy Show, Neighbours and other Australian TV variety and sketch shows.

As Goblet, Levi recorded the ARIA award-nominated CD Internally Berserk,[1] wrote the book Business According To Goblet and has appeared in short films as well as the feature film Fat Pizza. He has also hosted the Qantas comedy audio program on all of their flights worldwide.

Levi has performed as Goblet around Australia as well as in seven other countries, including the United States and England. Apart from doing occasional public performances or weddings, most of his work is at corporate events as a performer or master of ceremonies.[2]

Together with Mitchell Faircloth (aka "Slim Whittle"), Levi created the Crimson Goat Cabaret Club and they produced over 30 variety and cabaret shows.

In April 2015 a new comedy album, Goblet's Greatest Bits, was released and a portion of the proceeds from the album are going to two causes, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation and the Les Twentyman Foundation.



List of compilations albums, with selected chart positions
Title Album details
Internally Berserk
  • Released: 1999
  • Format: CD
  • Label: Streetwise Music Group (SW99017)
Goblet's Greatest Bits


Year Title
1984 "A Change of Pace"
1989 "Friday on My Mind"


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